20171115 -deactivated- (Wed 5:16pm)
20171115 -activated- (Wed 5:16pm)
20171116 -deactivated- (Thu 4:04pm)
20171116 -activated- (Thu 4:04pm)
Architect of Fear -deactivated- (Mon 6:24pm)
Architect of Fear 1, 2, Free, Four (Mon 6:24pm)
Architect of Fear -activated- (Mon 6:23pm)
Unstuck Sticker -deactivated- (Thu 9:54am)
Unstuck Sticker Stick me, someone. Please. Stick me. (Thu 9:54am)
Unstuck Sticker Maybe if I was stickier I would have been stuck. Maybe if I was shinier I would have seen good luck. (Thu 9:53am)
Unstuck Sticker -activated- (Thu 9:52am)
Be Near Hugh David Providence Onnen should probably put this out on vinyl: https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Brain-Box-Cerebral-Sounds-Of-Brain-Records-1972-1979/release/10115358 (Wed 1:38pm)
Be Near Hugh -activated- (Wed 1:38pm)
Be Here Nude You yam too? (Tue 11:33am)
Be Here Nude I yam. (Tue 11:32am)
Be Here Nude You can be nude here. (Tue 11:32am)
Be Here Nude -activated- (Tue 11:32am)
Amo -deactivated- (Thu 2:59pm)
Amo Some Such Nonsense (Thu 2:59pm)
Amo -activated- (Thu 2:58pm)
Mounsley -deactivated- (Fri 11:37pm)
Mounsley D E S T R O Y (Fri 11:37pm)
Mounsley -activated- (Fri 11:37pm)
Osk -deactivated- (Sat 10:19am)
Osk moohoohhahaha (Sat 10:19am)
Osk -activated- (Sat 10:18am)
Seamus Wabba dabba doo. (Thu 9:32pm)
Seamus -activated- (Thu 9:32pm)
Ram O. Tamo yar (Sat 4:39pm)
Ram O. Tamo yar (Sat 4:39pm)
Chaos never died