by François Couture

Skye Klad - Skye Klad

This eponymous CD is American space rockers Skye Kladıs first full-length album. The first cut, Mindıs Eye, had been released as a single in 2000. Itıs psychedelic pop melody will become more and more anachronistic as the gloomy atmosphere of the rest of the album slowly unfolds. The strength of this group resides in its dual guitar approach (Jason Kesselring and Erik Wivinus). The very wicked guitar sounds replace the swarming synthesizers usually associated with the genre. Therefore, during the slow numbers (Amber, Low's Sleep at the Bottom) the music tends to sound like Syd Barrettıs solo material, while in the energetic songs one gets the impression of a cross between Can, Hawkwind, and early Tea Party (singer Adam Backstrom also has that Jim Morrison tone). The influence of Can is particularly notable in Visceral Reaction, a song driver by the drums and including spoken bits and lots of echo in the voice. Skye Klad keeps the duration on its songs (at least in the studio) to a concise format: nothing crosses the nine-minute mark. Trippy instrumental sections are condensed and never loose track of the actual song. On the other hand, a repetitiveness factor installs itself after the first five tracks. Still, this first effort shows a lot of potential, even if the group was unable to avoid some clichés, and can be heartily recommended to psychedelic rock fans.

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