Skye Klad

by Tucker Petertil - The Big Takeover - Fall/Winter

First impressions can be misleading, as this excellent disc of psychedelia opens on a throwaway surf music note, but then proceeds straight to the center of your mind. If you keep buying supposedly Psychedelic music CDs only to be disappointed when you finally get the plastic wrap off and listen to them-then Skye Klad is the music for you. This band delivers the most mind expandingest bit of psyche since Terrastocks roamed the earth. While the bandís name may conjure up images of naked pagans dancing in the woods the actual music is 60s psych filtered through a 2001 sensibility. Skye Klad claims members from both Salamander and Vortex Navigation Co., two of the most melodic psych bands operating today. Listen to Skye Klad and youíll never hear surf music again.

Tucker Petertil writes a regular music column for the Olympian and also writes for the Big Takeover