Local space-rockers Skye Klad once again host the must-see band cabaret Solarium, this time featuring two "name acts" who could easily sell out the Entry in their own right-Duluth's Low and local Jazzbo's Happy Apple. Perhaps the Klad are hoping to attract only the most die-hard fans of each group; it wouldn't surprise me if they did. This is, after all, not just and experimental music showcase, but an attempt to incorporate "surrealism, Fortean science...and millenialist paranoia" into your standard 7th St. Entry electro-jam--at least according to the latest emails. Members of Savage Aural Hotbed, Ousia, February, and Salamander will also perform, and the show benefits moon-rock pioneer Simeon of the Silver Apples, who was recently left paralyzed from a car accident.

-City Pages - 02.03.99