by George Parsons

Skye Klad - Skye Klad II

Heavy very earthy space rock trimmed into seventeen slices of dark thunder. There’s still an almost goth feels to some of this; and it all feels dressed in black. Sullen, nocturnal and a little crazy too. The first six songs seem determined to prove how resolutely rough they can be; the fairly tender instrumental Meechmit is a bit of a turning point. Golden Dawn follows with a dark B.O.C. in slow motion sound. The stark instrumental intensity and grandeur of Lex Talionis is a high-light. Overall I’d say this maintains a consistently dark atmosphere throughout, with passing lighter moments like the graceful instrumental Skye Boat, and the almost classic garage pop of As It Is So Be It. I’m not sure what Irving Berlin would have thought of the 500lb version of Blue Skies they do here, and neither am I, but I love how they set Baudelaire to music on Lethe. I with they had shown more of the melodic subtlety of the closing Faster on the rest of the album.

George is the editor of the excellent Dream Magazine