Twin Cities psychedelic rock is getting some more exposure thanks to guys like Erik Wivinus of the "internationally acclaimed psych-rockers" Salamander. Wivinus, while being featured in a recent City Pages article, shared his ethics of gigging around town, which boils down to simply "don't play often - it makes it more special." That seems to be the collective mind of Solarium, the third in a series of ambient/experimental rock collaborations featuring Wivinus and members of Savage Aural Hotbed, Ousia, and Skye Klad.

In Fact, space rockers Skye Klad seem to have taken the lead on these Solarium nights. As Skye klad's Jason Kesselring explains, the name Solarium was chosen because it imagines a "science fiction sun ritual." Sort of a "futuristic space-age tribal ritual," he says.

Watch for Wivinus spinning international psych music (under the moniker "Miskatonic Observer") from Italy, Japan, and beyond, and electronic music from DJ below Zero, hailing from Duluth. Optical Alchemy will be splicing a surrealistic video/lightshow together, transforming the entry into a "sun room" full of sound and space.

This will truly be a night of aural mutation and collaboration. To complete the tranformation, pick up a copy of Skyeklad's house 'zine The Manifesto and read up on their Fortean science, the Virgin Mary appearing on a tortilla south of the border, and other close encounters.

And finally, this is a benefit concert for Simeon from psychedelic rock pioneers Silver Apples, who was recently paralyzed in a car accident, proving that psychedelic music has no sense of history -- only the sparkling now.

- First Avenue In-House Magazine - 01.27.99