Star Tribune October 20th 2002 by Chris Riemenschneider

The Twin Cities are laden with experimental rock bands nowadays, but far too many forget the rock half of the equation. On its second full-length CD, local freak-out specialists Skye Klad incorporate as much from Black Sabbath and the Stooges as they do from arty innovators such as Can or Sonic Youth. The quartet blends droning, fuzzed-out guitars with throbbing, pulsating rhythms in songs like "Sunwheel" and "Little Nemo," which sound like soundtrack music to a midnight screening of "Apocalypse Now." Frontman Jason Kesselring's deep, Nick Cave-like vocals are sinister enough to make a cover of Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies" seem dark and foreboding. Even when the band takes its psychedelia so far as to title a song "Absynthe Opaline," the members sound like they're having fun, with tongues partially planted in cheek. Between bong hits, that is.